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How to properly adjust the seat?

Any, even short-term trip begins with a correct landing at the wheel. Not only the comfort and fatigue of the driver depends on it, first of all, the correct landing affects safety and health. Therefore, always devote some of your time to this moment. Look here for additional insights: stow and go seating suv

How do you adjust the seat correctly?

Everyone knows that it is very pleasant to sit imposingly in an easy chair. However, the driver's seat should be treated primarily as a place of work.

Of course, driving with a properly adjusted seat should be comfortable.

Below we will analyze the main adjustments that are available on all modern cars, there are only two of them:

1.adjusting the longitudinal position of the seat;

2. seat back tilt;

And also we will mention about additional adjustments, which can not always be found:

3. seat cushion height adjustment, (seat "lift");

4. adjusting the angle of inclination of the seat cushion;

5.adjusting lumbar support,

Let's say a few words about the head restraints (6) , as well as the steering column adjustment (not on all models).

Longitudinal seat position

Sit tightly in the driver's seat with your lower back pressed against the back. Depress the clutch pedal all the way. When properly adjusted, the leg should remain slightly bent at the knee. It should not reach the pedal with the toe of the foot, but it should not be too bent.

If you have a car with an automatic transmission, then press the brake and gas pedals with your right foot. Try to find a position of the seat where you can comfortably press on them, while the heel of the foot should not come off the floor.

There is another way. Place your left foot on the floor to the left of the brake pedal. In the place where the clutch pedal is usually located (well, if it was). As in the first case, the leg should remain slightly bent at the knee. And if possible, do not move too close forward. You most likely will not see the front edge of the hood, but it is advisable to be at a greater distance from the airbag hidden in the steering wheel itself. Of course, the pillows are not hidden in all steering wheels :)

Backrest tilt

Place an outstretched hand on the top of the handlebar with the shoulder blades pressed firmly against the back of the seat. If your hand touches the rim with your wrist, the seat back is correctly adjusted.

Steering column and seat height

If there is a steering column adjustment, it should be installed so that the hands holding the steering wheel in the "10 and 2" position are just below shoulder level. Usually, the lower the steering wheel, the more comfortable it is to hold it and the less tired your hands are, but at the same time it should not obstruct the dashboard and rub against your feet.